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-Trees in field of view: The camera alignment process requires aligning the smartphone’s camera to the center of the telescope’s field of view. When the app is first opened, it will ask you if StarSense Explorer can access the smartphone’s location services. This will allow you to use the StarSense Explorer app on several smartphones and unlock the app if you upgrade to a new smartphone. This causes smartphone to move, even when the adjustment knobs are not being turned, disturbing the camera alignment. Of course, cloud cover, fog, or haze that obscures the stars in the sky can diminish StarSense Explorer’s ability to sense stars. These indicate the direction in which you should move the telescope to find the object. StarSense Explorer™ DX 102AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Refractor Telescope The best nights to observe are when the Moon is in or near the New Moon phase. During the alignment procedure, you must first center an object in the telescope’s low-power eyepiece. StarSense Explorer is ideal for beginners thanks to the app’s user-friendly interface and detailed tutorials. Tighten these screws with a small Phillips screwdriver until the holder does not slip. 2) Open the File Explorer on your computer, and the smartphone should appear. The first step is centering the smartphone’s camera over the StarSense dock’s mirror. Once StarSense Explorer finds an object and I am observing it in the telescope eyepiece, the object appears to slowly drift out of the field of view over time. Download the Celestron PWI Telescope Control Software. In the main menu, I see there is a Location option that allows me to choose my current location. It uses a smartphone as a self-contained plate solving system: it captures the images, processes the images, extracts the star pattern data, and determines the center coordinates of the image all by itself. Celestron’s award-winning Nature DX binocular gets a major upgrade with the addition of ED objective lenses. I wonder if anyone has experience with the app? Can I save and view the images captured by StarSense Explorer? Start here to find the perfect telescope for you! Sign up to receive sale alerts, news about upcoming celestial events, and telescope tips from our experts! ED stands for "extra-low dispersion," which refers to the composition and optical properties of the glass used for the lenses. $241 . There are even observing tips to help get the best view possible though the telescope for the selected object. Leave complicated star charts, imprecise planetarium apps, and computerized mounts behind. Retrieving Images & Logs - iOS Simply move the telescope to re-center the bullseye on the object, wait until the bullseye turns green again, and the object will once again appear in the eyepiece’s field of view. You can expect sharp, bright views of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons, its cloud bands and Great Red Spot, the rings of Saturn, the trapezium in the Orion Nebula, and beautiful Pleaides Open Star Cluster. Should you purchase the dock separately from a third party or make your own modifications to install a dock on another telescope, neither the dock nor the telescope will be covered by the standard Celestron warranty, as the product will have been modified. SOLD **OPEN BOX** Celestron StarSense Explorer™ LT 80AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope. It comes with two entry level eyepieces; a 25mm that provides 26x and a 10mm that provides 65x. Instore or Online give us a try, we’ll make you happy. COMPATIBILITY Most smartphones manufactured after 2016 running Android 7.1.2 and higher. Advanced Camera Settings allow you to manually adjust camera settings like exposure time, focus, and gain. Observing the microscopic world has never been easier! - There may be something in the camera’s field of view that is affecting the phone’s ability to “sense” stars, such as power lines, trees, or the edge of a building. Also, keep in mind that any deep-sky objects will appear washed out when the Moon is bright in the night sky. Therefore, StarSense Explorer telescopes can be picked up and moved to a different observing location without any need for realignment. StarSense Explorer is finding objects without problems, but I notice the bullseye drifting off target in the app while the object is still centered in the telescope’s eyepiece. The smartphone’s camera may be picking up getting stray reflections off the back of your phone. What’s going on? Celestron Solar Safe filter technology is GUARANTEED SAFE for direct solar observation and has been independently tested by SAI Global Assurance Services. Why is this object not on the list? The star patterns overhead reflect off the mirror and into the smartphone’s camera. Take control of your telescope! - To adjust the Y-axis tensioning, first turn the X-axis adjustment knob counterclockwise as far as it will go. © 2021 Celestron, LLC. Next, drag the crosshairs that appear in the camera’s field of view onto the precise spot that the telescope is currently centered on. Can I change the date or time to see the sky for a different time other than now? - The smartphone’s camera may be picking up getting stray reflections off the back of your phone. For example, here is a typical image from StarSense Explorer when used with an iPhone X: It is possible to access these images by selecting “Save Images & Logs” from the Menu icon at the bottom left of the main screen before using StarSense Explorer. It can be upgraded, but the process will take some spending and time. If you can’t see many stars with your eyes, it is not dark enough yet. Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 80AZ has a 1.25″ focuser that feels challenging to fine-focus and has a sticky motion. © 2021 Celestron, LLC. By default, this option is off, and should not normally be used. I notice that StarSense Explorer doesn’t work as well when pointed close to the horizon. Toggle the ring/silent switch to the “silent mode off” position to hear the audio presentation. Adjust the settings until you can see stars on the display screen. When you open the app, it will indicate compatibility. The app is available as a free download but does not unlock its telescope pointing functionality until an unlock code is entered. The images captured by your smartphone that StarSense Explorer uses to determine its current pointing position are not “astroimages” in the traditional sense. 114mm (4.5”) Newtonian reflector with highly reflective coatings and enough light gathering ability to view all the best celestial objects. If you don’t know what that means, this design is pretty standard among beginner telescopes. The app is available as a free download but does not unlock its telescope pointing functionality until an unlock code is entered. What do the astroimages captured by StarSense Explorer look like? - The camera may not be properly centered over the StarSense dock. How many devices can I unlock with each unlock code? Pinch in to zoom out, and pinch out to zoom in. - Camera not centered over StarSense dock’s mirror: StarSense Explorer only shows the sky as it currently appears. How can I hear the audio presentation? No. At the heart of the system is StarSense Explorer’s sky recognition and sky mapping capability. What went wrong? non-computerized) telescope because they don’t where to point it to see planets, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies—the good stuff! I’m using an Android smartphone. Have a promo code? You can do this indoors, during the day, or at night. The Great Red Spot is visible in ideal condition. The app will then save the images it captures and they can be accessed later. In general, Android devices running Android 7.1.2 and higher that were manufactured in 2016 or later are usually compatible. Manufacturer . However, this does not affect performance of the StarSense Explorer because the camera can still see plenty of sky to determine its current pointing position. Keep in mind that these same atmospheric conditions can diminish image quality when viewing objects near the horizon through your telescope.

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